VoIP Providers in San Antonio

VoIP providers in San Antonio offer inexpensive and easy-to-manage internet phone service for businesses.

VoIP providers in San Antonio are ready and available to give you customized quotes for your office setup.

Business VoIP service converts your phone system from making calls over the telephone lines to making calls over the Internet. By avoiding the telephone lines for a majority of the journey, VoIP calls save a lot of money on local and long distance rates.

VoIP providers in San Antonio charge flat, predictable rates for monthly plans with nationwide coverage.

Business VoIP Providers in San Antonio

VoIP providers in San Antonio can also:

  • Provide VoIP consultations
  • Set up and manage IT networks
  • Deploy call centers
  • Unify data and voice communications

San Antonio business VoIP service makes a wide range of call management features accessible to each user. These call features will allow you and your employees to queue callers, play music on hold, record calls, have individual voicemails, and more. These features used to only be available to Fortune 500 companies because the traditional hardware is quite expensive to purchase and needs to be configured by IT personnel. Now, business VoIP service allows the hardware to be housed and managed by VoIP providers in San Antonio while phone service and call features ported directly to your phones for use.

Businesses of any size can benefit from business VoIP phone services, so many San Antonio companies are making the switch away from traditional phone service. Based out of the nation's 7th largest city, San Antonio VoIP providers serve both local and faraway customers. Although, local customers can take advantage of having a provider nearby. San Antonio companies can set up face-to-face consultations and arrange for in-person troubleshooting.

San Antonio VoIP Hardware

You can also purchase VoIP-related equipment from some of the San Antonio VoIP providers like AlphaNet and Innovative Communication Systems (ICS). VoIP Providers in San Antonio that offer products as well as service usually have a deal with the manufacturers that will discount the cost of the hardware for their customers. Purchasing service and hardware from the same company ensures that the hardware will be compatible with service.

A Collection of VoIP Providers in San Antonio

These providers serve small businesses all the way up to enterprise sized corporations.

  • Alamo Prism Communication can set you up with a complete business VoIP phone system and has data and voice structured wiring/cabling systems solutions.
  • VoIPHead is a full systems integrator that provides training, hosting, managed, cabling, and VoIP business solutions.
  • SynergyTele offers hosted services such as VoIP, managed hosting (web, exchange, email, & server), data backup and recovery, IT services, and broadband services.
  • DoubleHorn Communications is a cloud-based business VoIP solutions provider.
  • ICS offers a wide array of IT, voice, and video services including VoIP consulting and solutions, Internet services, and voice/data cabling.
  • Alpha Net provides WiFi installation and network services as well as Avaya business phone systems and cabling for voice, data, and video.
  • A1 Bizcom sells new and used telephone system equipment and provides VoIP and cabling solutions.
  • Broadlink Telecom delivers scalable and reliable hosted voice, data, and messaging solutions.