VoIP Providers in San Francisco

San Francisco has been bustling with economic activity since the days of the Gold Rush and VoIP providers in San Francisco are now striking it just as rich in the age of new media. With the promise of lower monthly phone bills, free local calls, and cheap long distance rates many people are bidding their telephone companies adieu and switching to residential or business VoIP service.

Halfway between Tokyo and London, San Francisco is a globally recognized midpoint for businesses and this may be why a majority of the providers are business VoIP providers. Residential VoIP service is also available for locavores needing home phone service, but there is much less competition. While any residential or business VoIP provider can service your address in San Francisco, choosing a local company will give you some additional advantages.

VoIP providers in San Francisco will have a better understanding of the city and local business practices than a provider in another state. And a local company can provide customized service for your business like face-to-face communication and premise-based troubleshooting. Additionally, VoIP providers in San Francisco will have much faster response times.

Besides the personal benefits, it's been proven that supporting local businesses has a widespread effect that benefits both the community and the economy! Local businesses keep local people employed and money spent locally is reinvested in the economy at a higher percentage than money spent at large chains.

VoIP Providers in San Francisco

Take a look at the lists below if you are looking for residential or business VoIP providers in San Francisco. Compare VoIP providers before making a final choice. You will want to identify your calling needs so you can research the best provider for you. Providers have similar services and call feature sets, but they do vary so read through what each provider offers and at what price. Yet both residential and business VoIP service include more features in the monthly cost than regular telephone service does, reducing the number of additional fees on your bill.

Residential VoIP Service

Residential VoIP providers in San Francisco are sure to lower your monthly phone bill with plans for unlimited local calling and ultra low international rates for faraway friends and family. Features like call forwarding, call waiting, and caller ID come included with the flat rate of monthly service instead of at an additional cost.

Residential service works through an adapter that connects your phone to the Internet connection. It contains software to convert the analog call signals into digital signals enabling you to make VoIP calls with your current telephone hardware. The adapter is generally supplied by the provider when you sign up for service, but occasionally you may need to buy your own. Many companies also let you Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which indicates that you can use an adapter you already own if the adapter and VoIP service have compatible protocols.

San Francisco Residential VoIP Providers

  • TalkFree offers PC, mobile phone, or home phone based service.
  • TelTub offers tHome residential service for as low as $6 a month and gHome lets you port your GoogleTalk number to a landline.

Business VoIP Service

Business VoIP providers in San Francisco will make your business communications more efficient and your employees more productive while saving you money on phone service costs. Call features like call forwarding rules and auto attendants are designed to automate routine activities for increased efficiency. Others integrate with your current software to improve things like customer relationship management.

Business VoIP service will also merge your communications to one IP-based network controlled by an account management portal. You can retrieve emails, faxes, and voicemails from one system and it's accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. This means the system is portable and telecommuting or travelling employees can access the work network while being out of office. Business VoIP providers may also have a mobile app that integrates with the office service for cell phone-based access.

San Francisco business VoIP providers have plans tailored for small, medium, and large businesses and will work with you to find the best solution for your office. The phone service and advanced call features of business VoIP are delivered through Private Branch eXchange (PBX) hardware and to the phones. The PBX hardware also connects the office into a network and creates extensions for each employee.

Small office home offices (SOHOs) and small to medium sized business that do not have IT staff may benefit most from hosted VoIP service. A hosted PBX is maintained off-site by the provider and delivered to your phone system through the Internet for minimal setup and configuration hassles.

Regardless of business size, another huge benefit is that business VoIP service is completely scalable meaning you won't outgrow your phone system because it can grow with you.

San Francisco Business VoIP Providers

  • 8x8 offers hosted PBX plans geared for small businesses.
  • Appia has a plan that will allow you to merge to VoIP solutions while you finish out the contract with your telephone service carrier.
  • Blokworx will bring your office to VoIP and consults with you to offer the best solution.
  • CallTower provides bundles geared towards different business sizes. The service works exclusively with Cisco and Polycom products and the backend is supported by Microsoft technology.
  • EasyOfficePhone provides service for any size business and has been a provider since 2005.
  • eSudo offers enterprise-grade service to small businesses (up to 300 users) so they are able to compete with the resources of larger businesses.
  • FastMetrics supplies VoIP solutions for any size business as well as seamless VoIP migration.
  • Pingtel provides VoIP service for home-based businesses up to enterprise-sized customers.
  • RingCentral is a well-known provider for business VoIP service and has earned many industry awards.
  • TeleDynamic offers premise-based and hosted PBX services as well as business solutions for all business sizes.
  • Telekenex supplies small and medium size businesses with cloud-based PBX services.
  • TelTub presents OfficeTEL, a VoIP solution for small businesses.
  • Toktumi targets virtual and home offices with their hosted PBX solutions and offers Line2, a mobile app that will let you separate your business calls from your personal calls.
  • Xiptel supplies premise-based and hosted PBX services for all business sizes.
  • Xtelesis works with you to create the best hosted or premise-based VoIP solution for your office.