VoIP Reviews

VoIP reviews are the best way to find out if a VoIP provider is the best VoIP provider for you. By using reviews that others have compiled, you can find out which VoIP provider is best and which VoIP provider is right for you.

This page compiles each review of every business and residential VoIP provider on our site. The majority of these VoIP providers serve the United States and Canada, but other VoIP providers serve users worldwide.

You'll notice from the page numbers that there are a lot of VoIP providers out there: that's because VoIP is cheaper, more efficient, and often has better call quality. But which one do you choose? How do you choose between the good guys and the not so good guys?

Use our table of VoIP reviews!

Compare VoIP Providers


VoIP providers do provide a service, so it’s important for the users of the service to rate and review the service in order to give consumers an idea of what they're getting.

We want the consumer - that's you - to know our reviews are serious and useful. We thoroughly vet all of our reviews closely, and we adhere strictly to our submission guidelines so that any given VoIP customer will be getting good guidance. When reading reviews, there are some things to take into consideration when using reviews to evaluate VoIP providers:

  • How many reviews does a provider have?
  • Does the body of the review itself match the star rating of the review?
  • Are the individual ratings consistent between reviews?
  • What percentage of recommendations are positive?

And keep in mind, while a company may have more reviews, that doesn’t necessarily mean that company is better - just more widely known (see Vonage). You may be able to find a VoIP provider that isn’t well known, but fits your VoIP business needs perfectly.

Look around and don't forget to visit each providers individual reviews page.

Rating System

We want our rating system for VoIP providers to be consistent, so we allow users to rate their specific business VoIP provider with 5 criteria. We then combine these scores into one overall rating for each VoIP review, which include sound quality, reliability, features, customer service, and price.

Compare and Contrast Rates

This step is fairly obvious when evaluating various VoIP providers, as the biggest reason to switch to a VoIP provider is to save money. But while you’re looking at the rates among the different VoIP providers, look for which rates apply over which periods of time.