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Lingo is a residential VoIP provider that provides home phone service for international and nationwide calling. Lingo plans come with a many features including, free calling to other Lingo subscribers, and even the option to keep your same number. With Lingo, clients can make calls using their existing high-speed Internet connections to receive clear, reliable phone service. Lingo also offers bigger offers for clients that want to sign up for contracts.

Lingo Unlimited

Basic Info

  • Price: $0.00/month
  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

Key Features

  • FREE adapter
  • 20+ calling features
  • Get FREE activation

Lingo Editorial Review

Whether you are looking for nationwide calling or worldwide calling, Lingo is the provider that gets the job done. They offer FREE shipping, activation and adapter which makes switching to Lingo an easy choice. Get month to month service or contracted service. You can use your internet connection as your phone line and get unlimited calling nationwide, in Canada and Puerto Rico. 

Lingo Unlimited

Take your home calling abilities to the next level with Lingo Unlimited. Get FREE activation, adapter and shipping and handling with this plan. 

Plan Pricing & Basic Information

  • Promo Price: $0.00/month
  • Regular Price: $14.95/month
  • Minutes: N/A
  • Long Distance: Overage Rate - 0.0400/min
  • International: N/A
  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

Equipment Options

No Equipment options available.

Number Availability & Details

There are no additional options for this plan.

Plan Features Available

  • 3-way-calling
  • Call Forwarding
  • Caller ID
  • E911
  • Voicemail
  • Call Blocking
  • Enhanced Voicemail

Additional Notes:

$100 early termination fee may apply. The early cancellation fee is waived if service is cancelled within the first 30 days of service.

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