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Mitel is an industry leading VoIP provider that specializes in small to mid-sized businesses. Mitel offers a VoIP solution that provides businesses with every tool they need to communicate effectively. Mitel’s services include Unified Communications, Virtualization, mobility, and contact center solutions.

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Basic Info

  • Price: $0.00/month
  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

Key Features

  • Cloud phone solution
  • 24/7 customer service
  • MiTeam collab platform
  • Competitive pricing

MITEL MiCloud Business Editorial Review

Mitel is an affordable yet feature-rich VoIP solution for businesses of any size seeking a hosted VoIP phone system. Their service is reliable and secure, making them a prime option for organizations looking for a no-fuss system. Plus, they also offer different plans through their MiCloud Office and MiCloud Business solutions that are sure to fit any and every business. Mitel has been working with small to medium sized businesses for over 30 years and has developed its own VoIP technology. Many competitors use third-party technology, but Mitel uses its own system built from the ground up.

Personal Touch

Mitel takes care of their customers right from the start with their onsite installation and training. A Mitel employee is deployed to your business to install hardware, configure settings, and familiarize employees with the new phone network’s set of features. For the first three days of new service, a Mitel employee is assigned to your business for personal tech support. After the initial period, Mitel’s renowned customer support can help with any further issues.

MiCloud Business

Mitel offers two different plans within their Business solutions: Business Lite and Business Advanced. Both plans aim at delivering more productivity and better customer service through a simple and secure solution. Their hosted PBX phone system that allows users to work remotely as if they were in the office with their colleagues. They also allow mobile device integration, online feature administration, and the ability to modify service as your company grows. There are a number of Mitel applications available to consumers as well, such as MiCloud Call Recording, MiCloud Video Collaboration, and more. 

MiCloud Office

Mitel also offers other SMB VoIP solutions through MiCloud Office. These plans are millennial-focused, providing the mobility tools and cloud features that today's business needs. The plans also come with a host of included features and CRM integrations that help to increase productivity and efficiency. Plus, employees can work from anywhere with MiCloud Office, accessing the network from either a mobile device or a remote home office. Choose from either the Office Essential, Office Premier, or Office Elite plans depending on your needs and price point.

We'll Buy Out Your Business Phone System Contract

Mitel offers a complete communication solution with an all-inclusive hosted PBX calling plan. Mitel makes running a business phone system easy because they provide everything needed for a good business-class VoIP phone system, including phones and an Internet connection. Mitel is truly a one-stop shop when it comes to VoIP service, and their representatives will stay on the line until problems are completely resolved.

Plan Pricing & Basic Information

  • Promo Price: $0.00/month
  • Regular Price: $19.99/month
  • Minutes: N/A
  • Long Distance: Unlimited
  • International: N/A
  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

Equipment Options

  • IP Phone Included
  • ATA Included

Number Availability & Details

  • Local Number Port
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Virtual Numbers

Plan Features Available

  • 3-way-calling
  • Account Management
  • Call Hold
  • Caller ID
  • Call Transfer
  • Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • Attendant Console
  • Auto Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Center
  • Control Panel
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Multi-Ring
  • Music on Hold
  • PC to Phone Calls
  • Voicemail to Email

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