VoIPo provides residential and business VoIP phone solutions. VoIPo can save its residential VoIP customers 75% on their phone service. Make and receive virtually unlimited phone calls using regular phones for a low monthly rate.

VoIPo Home Phone Service

Basic Info

  • Price: $6.21/month
  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

Key Features

  • Free US/CAN
  • Free 2nd Line
  • Global Call Credit
  • Free Activation

VoIPo Editorial Review

VOIPo offers some of the lowest rates on the market. However, if you need a VoIP system for a business with more than just a few employees, or a corporation or organization, VoIPo may not be for you. VOIPo is especially good for phone service for very small operations and homes.

VOIPo Review: Residential VoIP

The VOIPo Home plan is very easy to understand and implement in your home. It has all of the standard VoIP features that you would expect from a VoIP service provider. It also has some advanced features to improve your user experience. You can read more about the standard and basic features below.

The standard VOIPo Home plan is one of the cheapest plans available.  It costs $129/year, which is $5.38/month OR $15/month with no annual contract.

The standard VOIPo plan includes:

  •  - unlimited calls to the US and Canada
  •  - 60 free international calling minutes every month
  •  - VoIP adapter for your analog telephones

VoIPo Home Phone Service

VoIPo Home Phone Service gives you two lines, a free VoIP adapter, and unlimited calls to the United States and Canada. You also get access to 60 minutes of free international calls to selected destinations (listed on VoIPo's website) and all this for $129 - for 2 years. That comes out to $6.21 a month. That's tough to beat.

Plan Pricing & Basic Information

  • Promo Price: $6.21/month
  • Regular Price: $8.25/month
  • Minutes: N/A
  • Long Distance: Unlimited
  • International: N/A
  • Set-Up Fee: $0.00
  • Termination Fee: $0.00

Equipment Options

  • Phone Credit
  • IP Phone For Sale
  • ATA For Sale

Number Availability & Details

  • Area Code Selection
  • Local Number Port
  • Number Port
  • Toll-Free Number
  • Virtual Numbers

Plan Features Available

  • 3-way-calling
  • Account Management
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Hold
  • Caller ID
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • E911
  • Extensions
  • Voicemail
  • 411
  • Address Book
  • Auto Forwarding
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Conferencing
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Diversion Inhibitor
  • Do Not Disturb
  • International Blocking
  • Multi-Ring
  • PC to Phone Calls
  • Redialing
  • Speed Dialing
  • Voicemail to Email

Additional Notes:

The 30-day money back guarantee is only available within the first 30 days of phone service. $6.21 a month is an average price for this plan - you'll prepay $129 (plus taxes and fees) for two years of phone service.

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