Business VoIP

Have you ever wondered how your business can benefit by switching from a traditional business phone system to a more modern business VoIP phone system?

There are two very important reasons why you should switch your business to VoIP service:

  • Business VoIP is much cheaper than traditional business telephone service
  • Business VoIP has more free features than traditional business telephone service

Simply put, business VoIP gives you a better phone system at a lower cost. Good businesses run on smart investments, and switching to VoIP business is a great return on your investment.

There are a few questions you should ask yourself when you consider business VoIP service.

  • How much am I currently paying for business phone service?
  • How do I use my business phone now?
  • How do I want to use my business phones?
  • How many people need to use my business VoIP?

Business VoIP Question 1. How much am I paying for business phone service?

If you know how much you pay for phone service, you can find out how much you can save. Also, knowing how much you spend on your business phone service every month will give you a realistic way to know if VoIP is worth it, in your situation.

Business VoIP Question 2. How do I use my business phone now?

In addition to knowing how much you can save, you also need to know what business VoIP can do for you.

Do you have a lot of employees on the road? Mobile VoIP or a Virtual PBX will really help your employees travel and still be able to use your business phone system. You'll save on cell phone bills too. Vonage Business Solutions has a great virtual PBX system.

Do you already have phones and a private branch exchange (PBX) – in other words, a complete business phone system? No problem. With an IP PBX-ready provider or SIP trunking, you can convert your old, analog phone system into a VoIP phone system – easily.

Want to operate a call center or use something that uses a lot? Visit our call center page or check with one of our wholesale VoIP providers. Or you can go with a provider like Jive.

Don't have a phone system right now? A hosted PBX may be the way to go. You get all the features and functions of a large company, outsourced and maintained by a reputable VoIP service provider. Vocalocity and RingCentral are examples of hosted PBX providers.

Want to know who's the best? Check our best business VoIP service providers page.

Business VoIP Question 3. How do I want to use my business phones?

This question takes a little more abstract thought – and familiarity with what VoIP features are out there. Here are some examples:

Auto Attendant

Never miss a call again. An auto attendant ensures that your customers will never hear another busy signal. With an auto attendant.

Find Me/Follow Me

On the road or out and about? Don't miss a call again with this function. Find Me/Follow Me allows you to ring multiple phone numbers to get a call and then transfer that call to a variety of different phones to keep the conversation going as long as it needs to.

Call Queue

Answer calls as they come in. This is more helpful than you might suspect.

Business VoIP Question 4. How many people need to use my business phones?

Knowing how many people will need to use your phones is really important when it comes to selecting VoIP phone service.

Why? Because the number of users that your business VoIP system will have can help determine which type of VoIP service you're going to use.

A good rule of thumb is 20 users. If you have more than 20 people who will be using a phone system, you should consider using a SIP trunking service and an IP PBX system. If you have fewer than twenty people, you might be better off using a Hosted PBX service provider, someone like Vocalocity.