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VoIP isn't just for the business office. You can also get a residential VoIP system and start saving money on the monthly home phone bill, too.

VoIP allows callers to use the Internet to make phone calls in an easier, cheaper, and more reliable way. If you make local, long distance, or international calls and you want to save money, you should switch to VoIP phone service. VoIP uses your Internet connection to bypass the old phone company and make calls for very cheap rates. Sometimes calls with VoIP can even be made for free.

Whether it's residential VoIP or business VoIP, you'll save time and money by switching to VoIP.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Basically, VoIP uses the way the Internet works to reduce your phone bills.

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You can pay per call (for a few cents a minute) or for a monthly subscription - but your monthly subscription will be up to 70% lower than your current cost with your traditional phone company.

Residential VoIP providers will send you a simple device, known as an analog telephone adapter, to connect to your home internet and your old telephone in order to make calls. Companies such as Voip.com will allow you to use IP phones that you can buy at any electronics store and simply connect to your home Internet connection. You can also buy those IP phones on our site.

VOIP is For Everyone

VOIP or voice over IP, is simple to use and set up. You can make calls from any computer or telephone connected to the internet with a broadband connection to another computer or phone at a fraction of the usual phone company cost. In fact, some phone calls are absolutely free.

Switching to VoIP phone service is really easy. You are simply eliminating your standard telephone line to make phone calls through your cable or DSL high speed Internet connection.

After signing up for service, most VoIP providers will ship the equipment you need such as a router or adapter to connect with your broadband modem. Some providers offer VoIP enabled phone systems to replace your current phones, while others allow you to plug your existing telephone directly into the router or adapter.

If needed, a CD will be provided to help you through the quick installation and registration process. After that, pick up the phone and call your friends to tell them how easy it is to start using Internet phone service. It’s that simple, really.

Residential VoIP Hardware Solutions

There are several ways to connect multiple phones where you need them with your VoIP phone system. The easiest, most popular solution is to use an expandable cordless phone system. The base unit plugs directly into the VoIP router or adapter and you can then place additional wireless handsets in other rooms of the house.

As an alternative to buying new phones, another easy solution is to purchase wireless phone jacks (available at most electronics stores) which allows you to convert any electrical outlet into a phone jack without running any wires. You plug the base unit into your VoIP adapter and for each additional phone you need, simply plug the wireless phone jack into an electrical outlet, connect your phone, and you’re all set.

A multiple jack extension connector can also be used to add phones, but this solution will require running phone wire from each phone to the VoIP router or adapter. These connectors can also be found at your local electronics store and will plug directly into the phone line jack of the VoIP adapter allowing you to connect your phones into the multiple jack extension.